Considering that it’s been about two days now since I’ve realized that it’s been two weeks since my last decent idea for a post, I decided the best idea would be to post total crap instead. So, in times like this (i.e. all the time) I’ll just prattle on about whatever happens to be on my mind. Or whatever I am thinking about in too much detail to sleep. Now, without further adieu, I bring you Eve Online.

Over the past year or so, I’ve dabbled (Its OK. It’s a play drug!)with Eve from time to time in the form of several trial accounts. This time it looks like CCP is finally going to reel me in for the subscription fee. Its simple demographics really, I couldn’t resist. Let us have a peek at the Eve Online target group of users check list.

  • Male or homely looking female (check)
  • Former table top, CCG, or D&D player (check)
  • Bad posture (check)
  • Able to recite large portions of the original Star Wars Trilogy, or Star Trek: TNG (check)
  • Owns a cat (check)
  • Single (no check)

See. I have no choice really. I’m compelled to play Eve. Now that I’m resigned to my fate, let’s look at a few things that could keep me interested.

Virtual Travel Agent Simulator, WHERE CAN I SIGN?
A large part of the Eve experience is one of planning. With 24/7 skill training and an almost endless amount of skills, a plan is key to success. In many ways, the meticulous arrangement of skills is akin to planning a vacation down to the hour. What kind of obsessive compulsive person would do such a thin? One need only look at the list above.

In The Ghetto
Note: I don’t have any statistics of any kind, but I’m going to go ahead and project that these stats are 57% correct, giving me 15 delegates in the process. Anywho, as anyone who is anyone knows, PVP is one of Eve’s selling points. Now, let us say the majority of players aren’t active PVPers, making them traders, miners, industrialist, etc. Though all of these players could at anytime be engaged in combat against their will, the reality is they are largely left to their own devices. But the mere fact that the chance is there ratchets up the intensity 100 fold. It’s like when you walk through a neighborhood that everyone says is “dangerous”. Even though the crime rate may only be 1% higher than where you live, you still eye every passerby with that much more intensity.

Stars are pretty
The graphics are great (and simple really), the sound is fantastic, and the music has that ambient, melt away in your chair quality that makes you forget time. Truth be told, this game was made for stoners. Nerds and social outcasts will do I suppose.