Listillation: Podcasts

April 9, 2008

During the work week, I tend to listen to podcasts throughout the day rather than music. Why you ask? Well, in order to hear someone approaching my desk (I hate having people behind me when I don’t know they’re there), I need to have one ear open. Considering I generally don’t like listening to a mono version of a song, I choose podcasts instead. The vast majority of the following podcasts are about gaming in one form or another.

Gamers With Jobs
Gamers With Jobs is a nice little community set up as an oasis for normal people in the morass of immaturity that is the current state of online gaming. The founders also put up a very good weekly podcast, which I would categorize as general gaming. Simply put, this is the best gaming cast I’ve encountered. The group is not only opinionated and intelligent, but also open minded, which is a rare thing in gaming media. If I’m not mistaken the fellowship is largely Canadian (I’ve always had the best of luck with Canadians in MMO especially), so perhaps that explains the civility. From time to time, they also have guest from the industry (Ken Levine being the most notable). In terms of punctuality, the podcast is almost always on time, and always lengthy (usually coming in at an hour and a half). All in all, a fantastic show. Uploaded Wednesdays, around noon PST.

Totally Rad Show
Part of the revison3 enclave, the Totally Rad Show is actually a video cast, though I tend to simply listen to the show, and keep an eye on it from time to time when I think it’s needed. The show is based around nerd media, with the trio giving reviews on movies, game, television, and comics. Interestingly, I tend to disagree with both the games and movies experts (Jeff and Dan respectively) when it comes to their designated specialties. However, this does little to detract from the overall chemistry that this team exudes (which I attribute in large part to Alex Albrecht, from diggnation). This chemistry makes TRS a compelling weekly show which I highly recommend. Uploaded Tuesdays, around 2 or 3 PST perhaps.

1 Up Yours
Given a slow Monday, I tend to check this out. They do a good job with new content, but I find the hosts to a be a bit too much over the top and hard nosed with their opnions.
Virgin Worlds MMORPG News

Gamercast Network’s Video Game Show
RPG style nerds talking about gaming. This one works for me because I relate so well with their game choices. However, if you’re not really into MMO’s or RPG’s, I’d say go ahead and check it out, but this podcast may not be for you.

The Drone Bay
Somehow, as I started my career in Eve, this podcast also started airing, and I have to say it has been invaluable. For some one stumbling through their first steps of Eve, I would suggest even going back to the beginning of the show to pick up all the tips. By far the best part of the show is DON’T PANIC section. Here the newest player of the group asks simple questions to the other more experienced hosts. For a novice pilot this is a god send.

Warp Drive Active
Another Eve podcast, WDA is more focused on an experienced audience. For a new pilot in Empire space like myself, this is a great way to start learning of the politics and activities going on outside the insulated High Sec bubble. If nothing else, this has been a great way to really get an idea of where things are happening in Eve, and what groups are involved.

Gamer Theory Podcast
By far the most erudite podcast (maybe it’s the British accents) online, this is a weekly discussion about the gaming industry. Instead of focusing on the actual games being produced, this podcast leans to games related news. If you have an interest in the gaming industry, and the news that falls out of it, this is a fantastic show.

Zero Punctuation
Not a podcast persay. But you know you love it.


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